Down the memory lane that are etched in my soul
05/ 09/ 1951


Born on Tuesday, 5 September 1951, eldest son of PV Alavikuty and Fathima
01/ 05/ 1969

Loss of father

He lost his father when he was 18 years old. Wahab became the only family member taking responsibility along with seven other brothers and sisters.
26/ 01/ 1974

Voyage to Dubai

His life journey began when he boarded a ship to Dubai in 1974. He sowed the seeds of his entrepreneurship there which later rocketed into heights with the founding of Bridgeway Group, a multi-company network with extensive business operations in the Middle East and Africa.
22/ 12/ 1976


Married to Ms. Yasmin Abdul Wahab, daughter Prof Ali Kunji, Professor, Farook College, Calicut.
02/ 02/ 1993

Establishment of Peevees Group Schools.

Founded Peevees Public School with pathways to global learning in hometown Nilambur. New schools have also begun in India and later in the Middle East.
12/ 08/ 1994

Chairman, Malabar Airport Development Action Committee, Calicut

Entry into social services with a major role in mobilizing NRI resources for the development of Calicut Airport. This innovative design was successfully implemented and subsequently became a model for Cochin International Airport.
22/ 04/ 2004

Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha)

Elected unopposed as the member of Indian Parliament (Upper House - Rajya Sabha) representing Indian Union Muslim League.
08/ 09/ 2014

Saakshar Bharat award

Under his leadership, JSS received the Indian Lifelong Education Award, the Saakshar Bharat Award instituted by the National Literacy Mission Authority.
23/ 04/ 2015

Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) –Second Term

Elected to the Indian Parliament (Upper Chamber - Rajya Sabha) for a second term representing the Indian Union Muslim League.
13/ 09/ 2016

UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy

Under his Chairmanship, Jan Sikshan Sansthan (JSS), Malappuram, won the prestigious UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy in Paris in September 2016. The JSS was awarded the Best NGO Award in recognition of its work to develop literacy skills among the disadvantaged in rural areas.
03/ 06/ 2017

Treasurer, IUML National Committee

Elected as the Treasurer of Indian Union Muslim League, National Committee.
30/ 07/ 2018

Tagore Literacy Award

JSS Malappuram unit was honoured with the prestigious Tagore Literacy Award, from the Indian Adult Education Association of the Central Govt.
19/ 07/ 2021

Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) –Third Term

Elected as a Member of the Indian Parliament (Upper House - Rajya Sabha) for a third term representing the Indian Union Muslim League.