Dedicating his time and energy to the development of the nation, upliftment of the destitute, and growth of the industrial sector, PV Abdul Wahab became a known name for the Indian polity. Here is a glimpse of his selfless endeavors.

Words from My Heart !

Everybody has a God-given mission in life. There is a definite reason for living and a motive behind every action. Our passionate ventures and implementation of talent would guide us towards a happy, soulful, and fulfilling destiny.
Dedication and hard work determine the success of the mission at hand. Performing the best we can, with stanch resolve, is what matters in life – success or failure is secondary. Life has taught me a great lesson. Love what you do, persevere, and learn from the errors, success will be yours in the end. There would be obstacles and struggles on the path to achievement. Nevertheless, nothing can stop us when we have this strong optimistic attitude. Uplifting the underprivileged, ensuring skill development opportunities, and fortifying the knowledge of the future generation, we are investing for the brighter future of the nation.
Member of Parliament (Rajyasabha)
National Treasurer, Indian undion Muslim League

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